Cas’Amaro, ‘Bustello’ Alvarinho Vinho Verde 2023

Vinho Verde with a little more texture. Delicate peach and apricot compliment the citrus freshness and slick, lasting acidity.


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While often found as part of a Vinho Verde blend, varietal Alvarinho wines are becoming increasingly common, and we are a better place for it. The variety displays more rounded, stone a tropical fruit flavours compared with its common blending partners (Arinto and Loureiro among many others) and this makes it distinct in any blend and delicious on its own. This example has all the natural freshness of Vinho Verde but with delicate notes of peace and melon, and even a hint of tea. The proximity to the coast, also provides a saline characteristic which will make this an easy partner to so many fish dishes.

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