Mama Afrika Pinot Noir 2019

A ripe yet elegant South African Pinot Noir with a floral lift on the nose. Bright and fresh red fruits, tart black fruits and a delicious, delicate oak spice on the palate.


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The high summer temperatures in South Africa would not lead you to think, commonly, that it would be a region suitable for the production of high quality Pinot Noir. However, there are a few factors mitigating this intense heat, here, that allow Pinot Noir to slowly accumulate its sugars gaining excellent potential for fine-boned complexity and elegance, and Mpelo and his team have crafted an exquisite example. There is a natural ripeness of fruit, but this remains in the red fruit spectrum, not jammy or plummy as can be the case in warmer climes. The grapes are hand-picked from a small, 3ha site with yields tightly controlled to ensure concentration. Fermentation is a long, slow process, to ensure careful but maximum extraction to give tannic structure and complex fruit flavours and aromas. The finished wine has a delicate oak spice richness paired with a wonderful fresh strawberry, raspberry and cherry kernel profile, then a little tart blackberry, with a touch of mint and rosemary to finish. Just bottled after three and a half years in barrel, tank and bottle this is vibrant, juicy and effortlessly classy.

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